Hope Dworaczyk ghost hunting adventures

Hope Dworaczyk said that in her childhood, she lived in Port Lavaca. Her house was at least one hundred years old, situated across the old railway tracks.

When she was 7 or 8 years old, Dworaczyk said she used to try communicating with ghosts. She would ask them to show signs that they exist. Sometimes, she would see supernatural happenings, or hear the paranormal. Her friends did not like to participate in her ghost hunting attempts.

Dworaczyk said she was in a hotel in Nashville, when she communicated with a ghost. The presence made itself known by flickering the lights in the sitting room. She wasn’t afraid but was fascinated by the weird events. She did not intentinally go ghost hunting when she traveled but she would feel excited when she chanced to meet some paranormal experiences while away from home.

Sometimes, she would be interested to buy certain equipment to enable collecting data about supernatural presence in the place. Her boyfriend would diswcourage her because it would frighten other people to see her carrying ghost hunting equipment around.

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